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A Noble Pursuit

This 48 minute documentary film is the story of a Wyoming community coming together to achieve one of the most significant oil and gas lease buyouts in American history.


This film is about the importance of every person's voice when it comes to deciding what happens to our public lands.  

I have lived in Wyoming for over 20 years and when 1000's of acres in the Wyoming Range was planned for energy development, I decided to make the commitment to document the story of citizens mobilizing in an effort to preserve their land.


This film is a celebration of my community and all the interesting, diverse, and passionate residents of Sublette County, Wyoming.  Ranchers, cowboys, cowgirls, hunters, energy industry professionals, wildlife experts, and local residents all came together, across political divides, in unprecedented support of one another in their fight to save a cherished mountain wilderness.

Film Screenings
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Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in NYC with an MFA in Photography and Video, I have enjoyed working as a cinematographer and editor for documentary films and story driven video content screened on PBS, Showtime, National Geographic, and film festivals all over the world.


I was director of photography on the award winning film, Bag It,, an entertaining and eye opening expose about world-wide plastic consumption and the health of our oceans.  Bag It is available for viewing on  


My recent film, A Noble Pursuit, about the heart of a community in Sublette County, Wyoming coming together across political divides to fight to save cherished public land situated along a wildlife corridor is currently in post-production.  This film project is produced by The Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation and will be screened in libraries across Wyoming the summer of 2021.


When not working on creative projects, I teach online creativity workshops, photography, video and filmmaking at Central Wyoming College,


I have learned that my unique sensibility and passion for storytelling is what fuels everything I do in life.  I love to share my creativity and inspire each of to express our individual stories.

Leigh Reagan Smith - Filmmaker, Writer, & Artist


A Noble Pursuit was awarded the Wyoming Arts Council Professional Development Grant, in 2020 to aid in post-production and Wyoming distribution.

Educational Series

A Noble Pursuit has been produced into an educational package for natural science high school curriculum.  

Short 1-4 minute video segments from the film along with accompanying written classroom discussion and student questions, are available this 2021 / 2022 school year.  The 16 video shorts include content on community activism, public land preservation, public land multiple-use, Wyoming energy, hunting in the Wyoming Range, herding sheep, Wyoming Range moose study, raptor migration, sage grouse and mule deer, Wyoming Range wildlife corridor, Pavillon, Wyoming water, the Hoback River, Wyoming ground water study, air monitoring station, Wyoming ozone, and ozone monitoring.  


To read a full list of the educational videos and the accompanying written curriculum, go HERE.   

In November 2019, the 60 minute version of A Noble Pursuit screened to a standing room only audience at Teton County Library in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Hot Springs County Library in Thermopolis, WY.  Weds. July 21  6:30pm 

Fremont County Library in Lander, WY.  Thurs. July 22  6pm

Riverton Branch Library, WY.,  Weds. August 25  7pm

Teton County Library in Jackson, WY.  Tues. September 7  8:00pm

Sheridan County Fulmer Library, Sheridan, WY. Thurs. September 16th 5:30pm
Star Valley Branch Library at the Afton Civic Center in Afton, WY.  Tues. September 21  6pm  

Lincoln County Library in Kemmerer, WY.  Thurs. September 23  6:30pm

Sublette County Public Library in Pinedale, WY.  Thurs. October 14th  6:30pm

Dubois Branch Library in Dubois, WY. Friday October 15th 6pm

Cody Library in Cody, WY.  Weds. October 27  6:30pm


If you are interested in A Noble Pursuit coming to your town, please CONTACT US.

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