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Raven Readings

Insightful and Intuitive card readings that guide and assist you in your life's journey.

The raven is considered to have powerful insights.  A raven soul reading gets to the heart of an issue.  I use my raven card deck, along with my empathic intuition, to help guide you in opening opening up your own channels of insight and knowing.  We all have the answers we need, but sometimes we need a bit of guidance and assistance. 

I have always been empathic and over the years, I have learned that I can access my intuition by listening to my feelings.  With the aid of my raven cards, I tune in and truly listen to your unique story.  My readings are part insight, guidance, support, and teaching what you need to know at this point of time.  These raven cards are healing, insightful, and uplifting.


Let's talk to your Soul! 



We all have the power to make good decisions and changes in our lives.  A raven reading assists you in tapping into your own power.

Take power over your life by making a commitment to listen to yourself.  We often need to make the space and time to uncover what our subconscious mind wants to reveal.


Possibilities and abundance is accessible to everyone, it's just a matter of knowing how to ask for what we need.  By giving ourselves the gift of listening, we get clear on what we want.  Then we can take off and fly like a raven.


Step into your power.  


Joy comes from deep within us, it is a feeling a contentment.


Joy is feeling in sync and in the flow.  Decisions feel easy and  opportunities and good luck flows.

When we feel out of sync and lack contentment, it's time to slow down, tune in, and get clear on what makes ourselves happy and filled with joy.  Finding or re-connecting to our life purpose, is giving ourselves permission to feel joy.  A raven reading focuses on what it is that will bring you joy.


We all deserve to live with joy.  

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In person or Zoom Raven Readings are $100 for 1 hour.  Payment is due upon booking.  Please allow 3-4 weeks out for your scheduled reading.  There are no reimbursements. 

Shorter readings can be booked for parties or groups.  Please email me with any questions.

Your inner raven is waiting to fly!

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