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Creativity Workshops for Business, Organizations & Schools


Accessing creative thought generates more creative thought.  I teach the importance of the flow state for productivity, idea generation, and success.  Focused attention during a creative activity allows for all of us to enter the flow.  Daily creative time in the workplace and classroom has proven mental and health benefits.  Health benefits include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, a calmer nervous system, and a stronger immune system.  Mental benefits include greater left to right brain communication, the experience of meditative alpha brain waves, and the creation of new neural pathways or thought patterns.  Social benefits include improved communication, stronger listening skills, and enhanced brainstorming.  Creativity has been linked to higher levels of inspiration, satisfaction, confidence, and joy.  We are all creative, it's just a matter of learning how to access our unique form of expression. 


Feel free to email me with any questions.  I am happy to design a specific workshop for your business or organization needs.

Creative Power Building for Success

For Businesses and Organizations - 3 sessions of 1.5hr. blocks 

Zoom or Download $900    In Person $1500

Combination of Zoom and Last Session In-Person $1200

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This workshop is an in depth exploration of our creative potential.  Success stems from accessing our imagination and our right brain idea generator.  Creative play creates new neural pathways in our brain.  This in turn generates new productive ideas, inspiration, and possibilities.  Innovation is dependent upon creative thought.  We will delve into your personal story and how you want to give back and serve.  We will create, draw, mind map, doodle, vision board, visualize, write, explore, experiment, create an action plan.  Your full potential is within your creative reach.  


Day 1 - Importance Of Creative Play  1.5 hrs.​​

Day 2 - What is your story?  1.5 hrs.​

Day 3 - What Is Your Vision?   1.5 hrs.


Getting Back to Creative Play

For Corporations & Businesses & Schools - 60 mins.

Zoom or Online Download $350   In Person $650 + travel expenses

High School Classroom rates are reduced for educational needs.

This workshop instills more productivity, confidence, and joy in the workplace and classroom.  The goal is to improve productivity, relationships, outreach, and idea generation.  I teach tools to access higher thought, brain processing, intuition, and idea breakthroughs.  See yourself, co-workers, or classmates through a new lens.  Learning how to expand your creativity is integral in developing your true potential.


  • History of Creativity 

  • The mental and health benefits of utilizing your creative brain

  • How Creativity improves confidence, productivity & joy

  • What is creative play or being in the flow?  It takes 15-20 minutes to enter a flow state.

  • Let’s explore and experiment

  • Generate and listen to creative thoughts and ideas

  • Action Steps


Creative Healing Workshop

For Organizations - 60 mins.

Remote or Online Download $350   In Person $650 + travel expenses

This workshop creates more play, fun, and joy in the workplace.  The goal is to instill more confidence and generate new ideas.  We will unblock limiting beliefs and replace them with new thoughts that allow for possibility.  I teach personalized ways to access your creative thoughts.


  • Learn what creativity does for our bodies, mind & spirit.

  • Creativity improves confidence, productivity & joy.

  • Creative play allows us to enter a flow state.  Science shows us that it takes 15 - 20 minutes to enter a flow state.

  • The importance of daydreaming, doodling, and visualization.

  • Let’s Create something.

  • Take a risk.

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