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Pando, an aspen grove in Colorado, is the largest living organism on the planet.  The forest's massive connected root system supports and nourishes all it's off shoots.  Similar to underground interconnected roots, our creative thought connects all of us.  When we take time to develop our own unique expression, we naturally impact and inspire those around us.  Whether it be through music, the sciences, architecture, the arts, writing, acting, engineering, developing a business, mathematics, philosophy, dance, construction, gardening, sewing, reading, cooking, teaching, or a newfound hobby, the focused attention of a creative activity elevates our mind and body.  

We are all creative.  My workshops and classes offer the opportunity to uncover, unblock, and ignite new found passions.  Creativity leads us to our best selves.  Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your specific interests. 

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