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Passion for Stories 

Video Reel
Video Reel

Contact me about producing and assisting you with creating engaging and creative films, short videos, and multi-media content expressing the unique stories of individuals and our beautiful planet.   

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About Me
Leigh Reagan Smith - Filmmaker, Writer, & Artist

Since graduating from The School of Visual Arts in NYC with an MFA in Photography and Video, I have enjoyed working as a cinematographer and editor for documentary films and story driven video content screened on PBS, Showtime, National Geographic, and film festivals all over the world.


I was director of photography on the award winning film, Bag It,, an entertaining and eye opening expose about world-wide plastic consumption and the health of our oceans.  Bag It is available for viewing on  


My recent film, A Noble Pursuit, about the heart of a community in Sublette County, Wyoming coming together across political divides to fight to save cherished public land situated along a wildlife corridor is currently in post-production.  This film project is produced by The Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation and will be screened in libraries across Wyoming the summer of 2021.


When not working on creative projects, I teach online creativity workshops, photography, video and filmmaking at Central Wyoming College,


I have learned that my unique sensibility and passion for storytelling is what fuels everything I do in life.  I love to share my creativity and inspire each of to express our individual stories.

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