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Soul Sessions

A Rejuvenating, Creative, and Healing Immersion
Book 4 or 8 wk. Individual Support OR Group Support
Yoga Instructor
  • Gentle Movement

  • Calm Nervous System

  • Somatic Techniques To Ground

  • Release Emotional Pain & Stress

Creativity Coach
  • Access Your Creativity

  • Remove Blocks

  • Learn New Habits

  • Actualize Goals

Marvene Reagan, RN, MSN

Health Coach, Therapist
  • Heart Centered Therapy

  • Emotional Release

  • Nutritional Support

  • Coach During Change

• Access creativity and intuition • Face fear • Relax the nervous system • Receive emotional counseling • Heal from trauma or loss • Be assessed for best supplements and diet • Receive private yoga coaching for emotional release • Feel grounded and supported • Receive meditations and visualizations for embracing change and abundance • Learn techniques for managing stress • Receive goal coaching and accountability • Learn tools and habits to succeed in goals • Share and realize dreams • Delve deeper into your spiritual self •

Soul Sessions are a healing heart centered package focused on self care, emotional release, and individual growth.  Over the course of a soul session you will have the support and guidance from creativity coach Leigh Reagan Smith, family therapist and nurse Marvene Reagan RN / MSN, and restorative healing yoga instructor Chelsea Robinson.  A soul session assists in healing trauma, motivation during a new life path, and decision making during change.  Love and healing begins with self care.  This trio of compassionate and wise women teachers gently guide people of all ages into discovering a deeper connection to themselves and their goals.

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During a soul session expect to learn how to access creativity and intuition, be assessed for the best supplements and diet for you, feel grounded and supported, have a space to share, heal past loss, realize dreams, release and manage stress, relax the nervous system, face fear, embrace change, delve deeper into your spiritual self, generate new neural brain pathways, practice gratitude, and learn tools to promote abundance and success.

Give yourself the gift of support, nurturing, and accountability.  Contact us for a financial need sliding scale.  Meet in the comfort of your home, in Marvene’s private office or over Zoom, whatever works best for you.  Out of town clients are welcome.  


We look forward to soul expanding with you. 

Individual Growth

4 Weeks  $1,000  7 hours of private counseling

8 Weeks  $1,800   13 hours of private counseling


4 or 8 weeks.

Meet with individual coaches according to your schedule.

  • 2 or 4 one hr. private therapy and health sessions with Marvene

  • 2 or 4 one hr. private restorative yoga classes with Chelsea

  • 2 or 4 one hr. creativity coaching sessions with Leigh.

  • Weekly phone check - ins

  • Daily emailed inspiration and creative and spiritual exercises

  • A Personalized Action Step Plan to download

  • Downloaded guided visualizations

Community Growth

W May 3 - 24  10 - 11am with Leigh via Zoom




Group Creativity Class, Yoga Classes, Group Heart Centered Therapy

  • 4 Week Creativity Class with Leigh

  • In-Person Group Emotional Release Yoga with Chelsea - 2 one hr. sessions 

  • In-Person Group Heart Centered Therapy with Marvene - 2 one hr. sessions

  • Daily emailed inspiration and creative and spiritual exercises

  • A Personalized Action Step Plan to download

  • 4 downloaded guided visualizations

Enroll in the Soul Sessions group course and receive support from all 3 providers while experiencing the benefits from a community. 

Individual sessions start anytime.  Group class starts May 3rd 2023.  Call or email for a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Upon enrollment receive a Soul Creative Journal and The Mindfulness Coloring Book.

All ages are welcome.  No yoga experience is necessary.

Paypal credit card payments are charged an additional 3.5% of total tuition or fee.
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