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I love to teach and I enjoy seeing my students gain the confidence they need to embark on their creative journeys.  Take one of my classes and watch your creativity and your connection to yourself soar.

Choose from scheduled group Zoom classes and/or individual online courses.  Group classes create encouragement, accountability, and inspiration within a circle of support.  Online courses allow for the convenience of your schedule and offer private coaching sessions.

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Paypal credit card payments are charged an additional 3.5% of total tuition or fee.

New Class

Mindful Journaling
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Th  Sept 21 - Nov 16  2023  9-10 am MST
A 9 week course via zoom capped at 8 students  $350

Journaling is a spiritual practice.  When we create a regular habit of journaling, we enter a more meditative state, become more clear about what we want for ourselves, lower stress, regulate our nervous system, and tap into our creative thoughts.  According to scientific studies, writing longhand allows for new channels of thought to encode in our longterm memory. 

During each Zoom meeting, we will use a series of writing prompts to access the subconscious mind.  We will journal during class to generate thought, release emotion, and become clear.  Students are then welcome share revelations and new understandings with a supportive group. 

Students will commit to writing in their journals for 10-15 mins. every morning for the duration of the course.  Monday morning's emailed questions will assist the journaling process during the week.  Each week's focus and theme will build upon the next.

Online Classes

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An online course in discovering your 

power, vision, and soul's purpose.

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This 4 week online course awakens inner inspiration.  Expect a shift inside and watch your life expand in unimaginable ways.

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This 12 week class reading Julia Cameron's, The Artist Way, is a journey into discovering your creative possibilities.  Break down blocks, self-doubt, and uncertainty and tap into your true creative self. 

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A deeper online creative recovery course for releasing emotional blocks.  Gently remove

restriction and AWAKEN.

Group Classes

Group Classes Max at 8 Participants.  We meet via Zoom.
The Artist's Way
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In The Flow
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group classes


 $400 A 12 week course.

Delve into your creativity and discover your hidden dreams, talents, and potential.

We read Julia Cameron's Book over the duration of the course and cover 1 chapter per week.

Over the years, I have had the joy in witnessing my students gaining clarity, vision, and confidence.  By the end of this book, people overcome major hurdles and regain their creative selves.  Synchronicity begins to manifest opportunity.  The daily morning pages shift long held thought patterns and negative habits into new channels of positive change.  


 $350 A 5 week course.  

Learn how to enter a slower alpha wave brain state.  We will access our right brain innovative idea center.  Whether you want to lower stress and anxiety, generate greater well being, access your creativity on a deeper level, start a new life project, or experience more joy, this course is a celebration of possibility and awakening.

Daily inspirational emails, a weekly action plan, and 15 mins. morning curriculum starts your day with thoughts of success.

We will experiment with visualization, meditation, writing, doodling, drawing, painting, photography, vision boarding & mind mapping.

"For anyone this is creatively blocked, yearns to dive back into their creative passion, or needs some encouragement to spark creativity, I cannot suggest The Artist's Way enough.  Leigh is a phenomenal leader and advocate for each of her students, while she guides the class through Julia Cameron's bestselling book.  Through Leigh's tender, supportive, empathetic, and encouraging ways - she helped me unlock my hang-ups and not be afraid to be the artist I know I am.  Praise to Leigh, the book and this class are worth the commitment."    

- Hillary Munro, Mom, Writer & Founder of Graze Living

"Leigh is a natural teacher, and her inclination to help others is a beautiful gift.  She was so connected to each of us students in her writing class, and gently guided us all toward what I think we came to class to see and develop.  Her authentic nature will help you see your own, in the most humble way.  A great teacher is a true gift on the path of life, and Leigh will undoubtedly be a sign post on your path."

- Sita Daavettila, Head of Sustainability, Summit Materials

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