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This llama painting now has a new home in a baby boy's nursery in CA.

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Baby Nursery

A baby's room is a sanctuary.  Preparing for the birth of your baby is a wonderfully joyous time but it can also be a bit stressful and surreal.  As I was anxiously and nervously awaiting my baby girl's arrival, it was designing the baby nursery that made soon-to-be motherhood a reality for me.  I loved choosing the colors and artwork for the walls.  Animals were a huge part of my upbringing so it was easy to decide on an animal theme for my daughter's room.  Vibrant colors and animals awaken an imaginative curiosity in all of us.  I love giving people an animal painting to brighten up their child's space.  Children and animals are what make our planet an extraordinary and magical place to live.


Paintings are made to order.  Choose the animal, colors, and if you want your child's name included in the painting.


Sunflower Series

I started to paint sunflowers during an extremely sad time in my life, a young horse of mine named Lily was dying due to a rare blood disease.  Watching my horse increasingly grow weaker and weaker while the best vets were doing everything in their power to turn things around to no avail was beyond sad, it was spirit crushing.  Eventually, I had to let go of my stubborn determination to save my horse because it was going to be cruel to keep her alive.  When I said goodbye to Lily I turned to painting sunflowers to help with my grief.  Painting has always been a way for me to soothe my spirit.  I continue to dedicate painting sunflowers to Lily because she was the most love filled horse and sunflowers radiate beauty and love.  5% of each sunflower painting sale goes to the Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association,

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Home & Business

I absolutely love to help select the colors, size, and subject matter of a painting with a client.  Everyone deserves a sacred and welcoming space for their home and work.  What does your space say about you and how does it make you feel?  You are the imaginative artist of your home and office.  Join me in the creative process and choose the colors and a visual theme that makes your heart truly sing.

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Painting Design
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